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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Nigerian man narrates how his daughter chose him during custody battle with his baby mama

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A Nigerian Twitter user with the handle, @dollycent has narrated how he got to win custody of his daughter, Velma after a bitter fight with his baby mama.

According to him, she frustrated all his attempts to be a part of his daughter’s life until Velma spoke up and said she preferred to be with her dad.

Read his tweets below;

“Let me tell a story Iv never shared with anybody before . And it’s about my daughter and the battle I’m fighting to keep her. It’s been a very mentally exhausting last 4 years

My gf at that time in grad school got pregnant . Wasn’t planned and it happened a year before I graduated. As a broke college student I told her I’m not ready for anything extra now other than graduating and getting my life together. So it was tough.

Had Velma three weeks to graduating . Then the real challenge started . We were in a custody battle . I wanted to be in my daughter’s life so bad. The mother got engaged to another man and moved to a different state . I was devastated

NOT even my dad or anybody in my family knew I had a daughter till she was 2. I sent a package to my dad on his birthday , and it was pictures of Velma . The man called me crying . It was emotional for us . So for two years I was only seeing my daughter 5 times a year.

On her birthday which I vowed I will never miss. And on major holidays . The mom did all she can to frustrate me . But I was persistent . I was never going to be called a dad that was never there for his daughter . I booked flights , even got her a tablet at 3 so we can FaceTime

But everything changed on her 4th birthday . On a visit . She told her mum she just wanna be with her dad. Her mum was speechless. At that point she knew she had lost the plot . And said I can see her anytime I want but I should withdraw all our court battle for custody

For the sake of peace I did . And it’s been the best thing to happen to me . Now she has her own Nigerian passport � and Nigerian middle name ( Yetunde ) which I made sure is on all her legal documents. I’m so excited . She is my bundle of joy , my life , my everything .”

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